GERMATEC - Special machinery for particular applications.

You are looking for special solutions? Take advantage of our expertise.

Although each target market in production industry has its own needs for automatic support, one thing all investors have in common: they demand high standard machines and expect reliability, exact coordination of functioning, high capacity during permanent operation and robustness because of first-class and top-quality manufacturing. We meet your requirements.


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Key branches


  • Ceramic industry and potteries
  • Porcelain industry
  • Glass production
  • Dental industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Machinery and equipment for


  • Wet preparation
  • Plastic clay preparation
  • Laboratory processing
  • Special machines

Service features


  • Planning and construction
  • Assembly and commissioning
  • Repair and maintenance

Planning and construction


We provide detailed consultation in designing your machines and plants.
All sketches and drawings are created by means of 3D design.

Assembly and commissioning


As a matter of course, assembly and commissioning of all machines and plants produced from us, can be realized on-site through our well trained technical staff.

Repair and maintenance


Of course, our service comprises repair and maintenance of GERMATEC built ceramic machines and plants in Germany and foreign countries.




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