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Machine building quality - Made in Germany!


GERMATEC GmbH is producing machines for the material processing industry and appropriate institutions, with more than 80 years of sophisticated experience in machine construction.

For GERMATEC not only tradition, but above all innovation is of the utmost importance.

With our highly motivated construction team and well-trained employees in the production line, we guarantee best quality in machine construction – Made in Germany!

By request assembly and commissioning on site can be realized through our well trained technical staff. Of course our machines can be supplied including the electrical control system.

Key branches

  • Ceramic industry and potteries
  • Porcelain industry
  • Glass production
  • Dental industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Machinery and equipment for

  • Wet preparation
  • Plastic clay preparation
  • Laboratory processing
  • Special machines

Service features

  • Planning and construction
  • Assembly and commissioning
  • Repair and maintenance

Introducing ourselves



"As a result of our lean structures we can always supply highest quality to attractive conditions. We are pleased about your interest in our machines and services. You can take for granted our comprehensive advice during the planning stage and proper performance of all purchase orders."


Günther Clos





"Our highly motivated team in the design department and well-trained employees in the production department guarantee first class workmanship. As machine producer with more than 80 years of experience we are aware of our customers demands and the particular features of every single order. We design and supply each machine according to your requirements."


Rolf Schömer



Supplier of know-how and competent contact

We consider ourselves not only as supplier of machines, but also as supplier of know-how and competent contact during the complete planning stage.

For particular demands like special product and process developments, advice in application technique, training and supervision of assembly works, GERMATEC GmbH can count upon the assistance of specialized divisions, laboratories and manufacturing departments of cooperating partner companies.


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