GERMATEC - Specialized machine for material preparation.

We are aware of the demands for material preparation from the domestic ceramic industry as well as from our customers worldwide.


Circular screen feeder

Material preparing machines from GERMATEC

As for further processing the different materials need to be prepared accordingly. Depending on application, diverse requirements have to be satisfied, material preparation necessitates a variety of machines.

Based on our experience for many years, we are able to offer suitable solutions for your specific application.


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Further product details

To our service portfolio for material preparing machines, proved over many decades and practise-tested, belong the following machines:



Circular screen feeder – also known as strainer or clay shredder.

Circular screen feeder with small to medium throughput capacity for crushing, dosing, homogenizing of ceramic bodies and materials.


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Rake blungers for clay and ceramic slurry.


Rake blungers and agitators are used for keeping liquid ceramic media in motion.



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Screw mixers are blending viscous materials by means of a propeller.

Screw mixers are used in the ceramic industry for dissolving comminuted materials in water.

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Impressions material preparing machines


Circular screen feeder


Processing plant for soil samples


Screw mixer with safety grid

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